Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cricket World Cup 2019: Ideal Player for Team India

Latest Cricket News

Following the Latest Cricket News and trends, here is the list of various players who are likely to play in the cricket world cup 2019 to make team India win the tournament successfully.
     1)      Rohit Sharma

     2)      Shikhar Dhawan

     3)      Virat Kohli

     4)      Yuvraj Singh/Suresh Raina

     5)      M.S Dhoni (Wicket Keeper)

     6)      Hardik Pandya

     7)      Ravindra Jadeja

     8)      Yuzavendra Chahal

     9)      Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

    10)   Mohammed Shami

    11)   Jasprit Bumrah

As per our point of view, this is the ideal team. M.S Dhoni is just perfect for the spot of number six or seven but India needs someone experienced who can bat at number four. For the Cricket World Cup 2019, there is no other better option then Yuvraj Singh or Suresh Raina. They have the perfect experience and have betted for the team in such conditions as well. Do not forget that Yuvraj singh is the man who has the highest contribution to getting team India win the cricket world cup 2007 and 2011.

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are the perfect matches to start the inning. Shikhar Dhawan attacks the opposition bowlers where Rohit Sharma plays slow cricket. In the recent T20 match against New Zealand, they have played exceptionally well and made 100 runs partnership as well. Who doesn’t know Virat Kohli? He is on the number one spot right now and all set to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record in the coming days from India. He is the perfect captain for India as well, plays the interesting aggressive cricket on the field.

For the number four spot, Yuvraj Singh can be the perfect option. He has also represented team India while batting at umber four. He has scored many centuries batting at the same spot. He has always been India’s leading run scorer at the healthy strike rate. So, in this tournament as well, inclusion of him in the squad is going to be the plus point. M.S Dhoni has always been the hitter for the team right from the beginning of his career. In the world cup as well, he can smash some big sixes and end the inning at a positive note. Along with it, M.S Dhoni is also an outstanding wicket keeper as well.

Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja can play the perfect all-rounder for the squad. When it comes to hitting in the death overs there is no one better than these two players. As the matter of fact, India need to include as many all-rounders as it can to chase down any huge total. Chahal has been the perfect spinner for the squad and took many wickets in the same format of the game. The bowling attack is also at its best for the same. So, it’s the full coverage for the team which will be best for the world cup. Keep on checking the updates for the Latest Cricket News. We will be back with the result of the Ashes and which team is going to make the way between England and Australia. Stay tuned for the regular updates!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Cricket World Cup 2019: All you need to know about different teams for the best contest!

Latest Cricket News

We are just some months away from the biggest cricket tournament and which is Cricket World Cup 2019 which will be help in the England and Whales. Cricket is the game of various ups and downs and that makes it the best sports game. Here are the winning possibilities of various teams and what they need to do for the same.

      1) India:
India won their first ever cricket world cup in 1983 which was also being played at the same location. As the Latest Cricket News suggest, batting and bowling of team India is one of the best attack in the world right now. Virat kohli has been the tremendous captain, leading the side from the front and beast when it comes to chasing the huge number of runs. Along with the aggressive captain, they have explosive openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. The bowling is also getting better. The combination of Bhuwaneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah is really massive. India have a very good spin attack which helps them to fight in the most pleasant way. Middle order is the only weakness for the Indians! They do not have the proper players who can play at the number four and five and M.S Dhoni plays at the number six or seven. It’s going to be interesting to see the strategy of the Indian team in the coming years.

      2) South Africa:
South Africa have the same possibilities as India have for the Cricket World Cup 2019. At present, South Africa are the perfect squad with the top cricketers of all times. Quinton de Cock is the young promising cricketer with the explosive batting technique. They have the 360-degree player, AB De Villiers who always remains ready to blast on the any kind of pitch. Bowling order is also amazing and quite impressive of the South African squad. In each and every world cup tournament, South Africa come up with the best line ups but, still not being able to win the big tournaments. Now, we are looking forward to this one as this cup is going to be the last one for many of South African players!

      3) Australia:
Australia have the players like David Warner and Aron Finch who open the inning at the massive pace with huge hits. The middle order is also explosive with the help of Glenn Maxwell and Travis Head always look to attack the opposition at the amazing pace. Adam Zampa is the key spinner bowler for the Australians along with the world class fast bowler Mitchell Starc. So, for Australians also have a good chance for the winning this tournament.

      4) New Zealand:
New Zealand have performed really well in the recent series against India! They are all new fresh side with many new comers. Though they lost in the both matches, their performance has been appreciated by many critics. They have a solid and explosive opening pair which can make big total and chase any kind of target in the least amount of time. With the ball, they are the number one side ready to take up any big challenges. They have a huge number of all-rounders as well, who can send the ball out of park at any time. New Zealand lacks only one thing and that is, consistency. New Zealand players have a good cricketing techniques but still, they are not able to perform consistently with the bat. If they overcome this problem, then they will be in the commanding position for the Cricket World Cup 2019.

      5) Pakistan:
Who can forget the Champions Trophy 2017 final match? Pakistan lost to India in their very first match of the tournament but, they came up really strong and did not lose a single match in the whole tournament. In the final as well, their performance was magnificent and made India lost the game. Their team combination is perfect for the big matches to be played. There are also chances that Pakistan and India meet up in this tournament. For a fan like me, it is a treat to watch the game.

So, these are the top five teams who have the ability to win the world cup. Stay tuned for the interesting cricket rankings and updates. We will be back with the more happening cricket stats.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

India VS New Zealand 3rd ODI: All set for the exciting final match!

New Zealand have been able to win the first ODI, chased down a huge score very easily. India failed to deliver with the ball and ended up losing the match. In the second match, they came really strong, restricted New Zealand squad under 250 runs and chased down the total with ease. Now, both teams are all set for the third match, it’s going to be interesting to see the match. In today’s edition of Latest Cricket News, we have encountered various factors for the match and who needs to perform to win the match.

      1) New Zealand:

If New Zealand want to win the match, then their captain Kane Williamson needs to perform well in this match. In the both previous matches, Kane Williamson has not been able to score the big knock. As, Kane Williamson is going to captain New Zealand squad for the Cricket World Cup 2019, they need to be on the top spot for the game.

Along with him, Ross Taylor and Tom Latham are in the top of their game, they only need to perform well in this game as well. Martin Guptill, one of the most explosive batsmen also needs to perform well in this game. In these two games, he has not made a big knock. If New Zealand are seeking for a win in this match, then he needs to play well for this game. The bowling attack has also been spectacular for the New Zealand! Tim Southee and Trent Boult have been able to pick up some 

      2) India:

One of the most aggressive captains Virat Kohli will be on the list of Top Cricketers of all times in the coming years and all set to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record for scoring the maximum runs. The middle order also needs to be perfect for this match. As per my point of view, India’s middle order is one of the weakest batting order among all other cricket teams.

A solid start and comparatively low target helped India to win the game. If India are seeking to win the Cricket World Cup 2019 then they need to have the strongest middle order and bring Yuvraj or Raina back in the squad. MS Dhoni is batting really low and plays big inning in only one or two games out of ten. To build the better squad, MS Dhoni also should play the aggressive cricket in the coming years. As the current scenario suggests, team South Africa is on a roll in the world cricket. They have got the best opening pair, Middle order, and the finishers! 

Overall, we are all set for an exciting match between India and New Zealand. Toss will play an important factor for this match and the team which will choose to chase has the better chance of winning. But, cricket is the game of all the possibilities, anyone can be the here at any moment and take the game away from the competition. Stay tuned for the latest cricket news and updates.